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Have You Ever Thanked a Rainbow?

Teaches kids the power (and fun!) of positivity and gratitude in everyday life by teaching them that they are in charge of their thoughts. And when they ‘FIND SOMETHING AWESOME!’ the next step is gratitude… which proliferates the awesome feeling even more.

Have You Ever Thanked a Rainbow?

"What will you to DO today? What will you BE?
For everything is a miracle, I’ll show you, you’ll see!

Twenty-four hours, this day will last.
So inflate your chest and let’s get to the task!"

Every child can learn to be thankful for the awesomeness they FIND around them… and there is ALWAYS SOMETHNG AWESOME around them! Being grateful for the awesomeness you see, and knowing why, is an important and powerful lesson to learn!

Reading Level 1 (4-6 years old)

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