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The Author

- Matt Scott -

Matt Scott discovered the AWESOME power of our brains to find happiness and success. Now, he wants to share his discovery with all young people.


A Montana native, Matt is an active believer and dedicated reader of success and self-help books. He knows that EVERYONE’S brains are capable of FINDING SOMETHING AWESOME to live an awesome life. He says, “Learning how our brains work in this world is imperative to creating a happy and successful life!” Matt was inspired to create the FIND SOMETHING AWESOME! book series to introduce and communicate the power of our brains in a universal way that could be understood and applied at an early age.


Rather than struggling for answers later in life, as so many of us do, Matt combined the pearls of wisdom of adult-focused self-help books, new and old, into the FIND SOMETHING AWESOME series to teach young people what their brains can do through the power of positive and focused visualization combined with gratitude and generosity. He wants all young people to have early knowledge of their own brain’s power, in order for them to start building self-confidence and to develop skills for a happy childhood and successful adulthood. He wrote these books to give parents the teaching tools to start the conversation NOW to create a better life and world for ALL of us.



Matt loves his family, being a Dad, and building friendships and community. He enjoys paddle boarding, snowboarding, and Air-chairing!

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