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Did You Laugh When You Stubbed your Toe?

When kids experience negative feelings… what can they do? Turn the negative feeling around! And here’s how! This book teaches kids not only how to turn the negative feelings OFF, but also how to remain strong and confident with positive self-talk: “I am awesome! I can do this!” It teaches to recognize and avoid the source and pitfalls of negative thinking. Imagine if you could teach your brain how to recognize and avoid the ONSET of negative thinking–BEFORE it spirals downward? You can! This book shows children how!

Did You Laugh When You Stubbed your Toe?

Your brain is up there all ready to go,
But to use it for happy, there’s things you MUST know!

Your job is to use it to think what YOU think,
Only positive things! No negative to sink!

But how do you do this, how do you know?
Well that’s why this book is here now to show!

Reading Level 2 (7-9 years old)

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