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Book Series


Helping Kids Realize the Power of
Their Brains to Be Happy and Successful!

About the series

Everyone has a brain. But it doesn’t come with a user’s manual!

The FIND SOMETHING AWESOME! book series teaches boys and girls what their brains are capable of doing!

By understanding and practicing their brain’s awesome capabilities of Positive Thinking, Gratitude, Mindfulness, and Focused Imagination the FIND SOMETHING AWESOME! book series helps kids build self-confidence for positive childhoods and to develop life-long skills for happiness AND success.


“I want to give not just to MY kids but ALL children—and as early on as possible—the knowledge and steps necessary to create true happiness and success. How? By understanding how our brains really work and how the world responds to positive thinking and focused imagination!”


– Matt Scott

Author of the FIND SOMETHING AWESOME! Book Series

Recommended by Teachers, Parents, & Kids!

My son and I have read both books at least a half dozen times and every time we read them they evoke a new conversation about capabilities.

Jennifer Williams, Mother of 2 & Elementary School Teacher, Redondo Beach, California

Matt Scott’s fun approach to writing teaches the often-overlooked value of positive thinking! … ‘Find Something Awesome’ is the building block that nurtures children’s self-image and overall sense of well-being!

Monique Wilson, 4th grade teacher, Alta Vista Elementary

I really like the questions after the stories. It’s when mom and I really get to talk about the books and what it was really about. Both books helped me to always remember my ‘happy’ thoughts and stay positive … at home and at school.

Lincoln DeLeon, 7 years old, Torrance, California


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